Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarah Palin is the Paris Hilton of Politics

The more the media creates these surveys regarding whether Palin with run for President the more the conservative base will flock to her. On one hand, that isn't a bad thing, on the other hand it just cements the notion the conservative base has that the Democratic side are elitists and don't care about the regular people. The idea that Palin is 'regular people' at this point is laughable. She's a millionaire now and has even more self interest in keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy but for some reason that fact is forgotten by all these people that seem to think she's just like every other hard working family.

The point is, I don't think she has any desire to run for President. I think she is riding the coat tails of her vice-presidential nomination and is trying to rake in as much money and esteem as possible. The Democratic side can't stand her and think she's a joke which is cemented in with every Facebook and Twitter post. The Republican side rushes to her defense every time an article is put out there showcasing her perceived ineptitude. As much as I find her irritating, I have to give her props for making a ton of money. She's the Paris Hilton of politics. Paris Hilton entered the 'lamestream entertainment media' just by associating herself with celebrities and showing up to parties and events posing. She became a brand and made a lot of money on her 'followers'. Palin is no different. She rose to be a star by her association to John McCain. She'll never be taken seriously by everybody, just like Paris Hilton never will. It's impossible for her go much further than what she has already. Her followers will hang on her every word just as Paris Hilton's followers will flock to her. Re branding is a very tough thing to accomplish. Think back when Coke tried to change to Coke Classic. People hated it and demanded they have their Coke back to the way it was. It was a total failure on Coke's part. Even if Palin attempted to become an actual serious contender, she would always be associated with the Palin that she is now. The Palin that she is now is not going to win much Democratic votes or Independent votes. She may not even win all that many Republican votes either. So media, please stop doing these polls, its a waste of time. Why don't they poll how many Americans actually give a crap about anything to do with the 2012 election versus, I don't know, let's say jobs!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top 10 List of Parenting Teens

So I'm told I need to blog on something totally pointless by my teenage daughter. Okay, prodigy of mine I will. What the hell is up with teenagers these days. Yes, I really did just say that. I'm ready to stand in my yard with a rake and yell at those pesky teens to get off my lawn.

So here are some things I've noticed through all my parenting years.

10. They really have no idea what they are doing when they are not on a phone texting, instant messaging, blaring music or saying idiotic phrases like 'that's gay, whatever, like, or literally.

9. A high pitched ditsy voice has replaced 'valley girl speak'.

8. It's all the fashion rage to show muffin tops and dinner rolls off.

7. 'Reading' apparently is only for text messages or instant messages.

6. A teenager is always too tired to hold a dishcloth but never too tired to hold a phone.

5. Once upon a time if a person touched a hot stove they would say, 'Ow!' and not touch it again. Now apparently teens will touch that stove until they require skin grafts and then decide to burn the skin grafts off.

4. They think you know absolutely nothing and think you have no idea what is going on UNLESS you are watching a movie you have never seen and then it's, 'Why did he say that, what did that mean, where did that come from?", etc. etc.

3. They say things to each other like 'luv ya, miss ya' several times a day to each other one day and then hate them to next. Yes, that's love.

2. They can't spell worth a crap because they are so used to, 'OMG, LMAO, POS.

1. They think you don't know that when they get that high pitched, sweet little voice that you don't know what is coming next, a 'can I' question.

Why doesn't he just say 'People, get a freaking clue!'

Honestly, I didn't want Obama for president from the start. I was against him and was rooting for Hillary. Say what you may about Hillary, but I find her someone who would kick ass if need be. Obama is proving my theory that he is all blow and no go. When Hillary bowed out I even looked into McCain.....that is until I heard Sarah Palin speak and I then hightailed it back to the Democrat side and gave Obama a chance. Obama has completed a lot. There is no denying that, especially considering the obstructionists in the Congress. I realize to the obstructionists it doesn't seem like enough but considering the economy and having to rely on a bunch of old, crybabies, I'd say not too bad so far. Yet, the lies and misconceptions continue and get even more ludicrous. Why? And why hasn't he said anything to fight back? Does he not have access to Facebook and Twitter because it seems all the 'elite and common sense' politicians do, eh hmm Palin. She's annoying with her little Twitter posts, but at least she defends herself.

Jonathon Alter's article in Newsweek, The Illustrated Man discusses the lies out there and the growing hysteria amongst manipulated, foolish American citizens. What I find disturbing is Obama was so slick during his campaign with his impressive oratory skills. I actually disliked him at first for it. Too slick for me, however his speeches had a way affecting people with a passion and belief in something. So why is it he is ignoring all the lies out there? My resolution to this problem would be to tackle it head on. There isn't crap on TV, schedule a fireside chat like Roosevelt to ease people's fears. Flat out tell people to get a clue and focus a little bit. The economic fall wasn't caused by him and it takes time to recover. Give a little history lesson of the Depression years and how slow that recovery was or how about the 70's and 80's recessions. Don't allow obstructionist, opportunist to stir the pot of lies. All this, 'is he or isn't he' a Muslim business, same thing. Go out there and say, 'This is America dammit! Even if I were a Muslim who the hell cares? There is no religious requirement for being a President! Religion and politics have no place together despite what Beck & Palin preach to you!'

He needs to get out there and tackle these lies and be aggressive and condescending about it. What difference does it make if he offends? If he doesn't tackle it, he'll lose re-election anyway. If he does attack the lies, at least he'll have the respect and votes of those that supported him initially. But to ignore them, is showing cowardice and if he can't protect himself , defend his policies and family, why would voters expect him to defend and protect them?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boehner the Bonehead

As many of you probably don't know Minority House speaker John Boehner laid out his "economic plan". This involved calling for Obama to fire his economic advisors, extend Bush tax cuts to everybody rather than just the rich, challenging the old ways of Washington, and a few ideas to cut federal spending without and this is a big shocker.....going into detail of how to do that. In 2006 James Sherk wrote about how successful the tax cuts were, that Americans really do know how to spend their money much better than government, that there is no need for all those silly rules and regulations on big business. What I say is REALLY? Are we really that much better? What did it lead to? More savings by the American people or more "I need this. I need a bigger house to show off my wealth. I need more cars. I need more expensive clothes for my kids." ?? Let's face it, we didn't do much better. The housing crisis played a huge roll in this economic downward spiral people. People being stupid with their money and buying houses they couldn't afford caused this. Banks that were not properly regulated allowed people to get mortgages common sense would say a person couldn't afford. The result, mortgages went unpaid. Banks were stuck with over valued homes. So yes, while there may have been some job recovery during this so called growth period in 2003, it also was the beginning of very aggressive 'living beyond your means'.

I find it interesting that during the recession of 2001, the recession was excused away by Republicans at the time for being a result of the 9/11 terror attack, the tech bubble collapse and stagnant investment but when a significant recession that the Democrats inheirted, the recession is just blamed on the Democrats. Maybe just maybe this recession happened because of the housing market crash perpetuated by people overspending and lack of regulation in big business. Which party brought that on? The Republicans held the majority during almost all of Bush's years in office and what did they do? NOTHING. The so-called welfare state did not roll back at all, it actually increased people with the prescription drug plan!! No federal programs or departments were eliminated, they were actually increased with the invention of the all but useless Homeland Security department! People are delusional if they think things will change when midterm elections come up. The only thing that will change is more and more of wasting time debating and posturing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Building infrastructure is the key to getting out of the economic slump

The bullet train is a prime example of the kind of investment the country needs to make to get out of the economic slump. FDR's New Deal is a prime example of how spending money created jobs which then in turn made money. China has been investing billions in building its infrastructure and developing clean energy. China recently surpassed Japan as the 2nd largest economy China has already knocked off Great Britain, Germany, and France. Next up, the United States.

What has the United States done? Paid Congressmen and women to DEBATE about making change. Wasting tax money on frivalous committees and debated ad nauseum over what to do. They remind me of a bunch of dithering old ladies bickering about which dish soap is the best. Meanwhile our biggest economic threat is laughing all the way to the bank and making progress.

This bullett train is similar to FDR's program to build up roads, bridges, highways. Think of all the progress that happened during his presidency. Think of the millions of people that were stricken by the Depression and Dust Bowl that found employment in all those government sponsored programs. Yes, it cost a lot of money, but just look at how America grew following that!!! The government needs to begin at the bottom again and invest in our educational system, our infrastructure and then worry about funding idiotic projects like how monkeys act on drugs!!! All these ridiculous studies and projects that billions of money go to are what is bringing our nation down. Blaming one administration is a fruitless exercise. He's only been in office for a short time. It's all these other bozos that need to be blamed. They have been in office for decades and decades and haven't done squat but bicker and spend. If a person wants to blame ANYBODY for the crisis the country is in, BLAME YOURSELVES!!!! Who exactly kept voting these dithering old fools in REPEATEDLY??????????????????????????/ Just saying!

Incoherrent and Inconsistent???

This is laughable.

A Republican blasting someone for inchoherrent and inconsistent statements??? Hmmmm, Sarah Palin is the most incoherrent person out there. Inconsistent? Let's visit John McCain, ole flip flopper himself. Why must the media freak out and judge every little thing a president says? Rove acts as if Obama just jumped into the fray willingly when it was actually done because of political pressure. The sad thing is, most of these politicians could care less if that community center gets built or not, its all political pandering and trying to rile up people. It's ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque Overload for something that isn't even a Mosque!!!

I am not suprised by the uproar of the 'mosque' near ground zero. Egocentrism is a common theme in America. Here goes my common sense logic:

The media keeps referring to the Islamic Community Center proposition as a mosque. People, this isn't a mosque, it's an Islamic equivalent to the YMCA. Nobody seems to have a problem with a YMCA which is a Christian based organization. While I understand the 'sensitivity' issue, the center is actually progress and would help revitalize the area. I recently visited NYC and had no desire to see Ground Zero. Seemed creepy to me. If I had a loved one who perished on 9/11 I wouldn't want a bunch of tourists tromping over the site to gawk and say they've been there. You can't group a bunch of extremists to an entire religion, if you choose to do that, you must do so to all religions.

Lest we forget our history and atrocities our 'Christian' ancestors committed on the Native Americans. The Perquot War is a prime example of one of the first American Christian terroist acts. The Puritans assissted in the murder of hundreds of Indians by surrounding them and burning them to death. This wasn't just warriors, this included men, women, children and elderly. The Puritan leader John Winthrop even used the Bible to justify the events. Should we also convienently forget Chinese and Japanese internment? Should all Christian believers have been discriminated against for those events? Let's face it, it boils down to religious intolerance.

President Obama is being raked over the coals for his comments. I full heartedly agree with both of his comments on Friday and Saturday. He didn't backpeddle. I agree there is a fundamental right to build the community center but it also may be considered insensitive. Sensitivity isn't required when applying for a building permit. Sensitivity isn't needed in much of anything obviously or you wouldn't have such bigotry in America in the year 2010! Isn't it INSENSITIVE to condemn billions of people of the Islamic faith for something that Al-Queda does? The only ones being insensitive are the ones who are so against it and are using zoning ordinances around the country to deny mosques from being built and using it for political gain. Don't be fooled by all the political pandering. Politicians are using this issue to further their career. They are manipulating a person's fears and lack of understanding. If you are waving your American flag, remember what that flag stands for....FREEDOM. You can't preach about how you want your individual rights but then deny that same freedom to other American citizens just because they have a different faith than you. That would um, make you no better than Al-Queda. People tend to forget that Muslims have been terrorized by Al-Queda for years. Isn't that one of the reasons we went to war with Iraq, to liberate the Muslims from tyranny? Think about the hypocrisy in that.