Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque Overload for something that isn't even a Mosque!!!

I am not suprised by the uproar of the 'mosque' near ground zero. Egocentrism is a common theme in America. Here goes my common sense logic:

The media keeps referring to the Islamic Community Center proposition as a mosque. People, this isn't a mosque, it's an Islamic equivalent to the YMCA. Nobody seems to have a problem with a YMCA which is a Christian based organization. While I understand the 'sensitivity' issue, the center is actually progress and would help revitalize the area. I recently visited NYC and had no desire to see Ground Zero. Seemed creepy to me. If I had a loved one who perished on 9/11 I wouldn't want a bunch of tourists tromping over the site to gawk and say they've been there. You can't group a bunch of extremists to an entire religion, if you choose to do that, you must do so to all religions.

Lest we forget our history and atrocities our 'Christian' ancestors committed on the Native Americans. The Perquot War is a prime example of one of the first American Christian terroist acts. The Puritans assissted in the murder of hundreds of Indians by surrounding them and burning them to death. This wasn't just warriors, this included men, women, children and elderly. The Puritan leader John Winthrop even used the Bible to justify the events. Should we also convienently forget Chinese and Japanese internment? Should all Christian believers have been discriminated against for those events? Let's face it, it boils down to religious intolerance.

President Obama is being raked over the coals for his comments. I full heartedly agree with both of his comments on Friday and Saturday. He didn't backpeddle. I agree there is a fundamental right to build the community center but it also may be considered insensitive. Sensitivity isn't required when applying for a building permit. Sensitivity isn't needed in much of anything obviously or you wouldn't have such bigotry in America in the year 2010! Isn't it INSENSITIVE to condemn billions of people of the Islamic faith for something that Al-Queda does? The only ones being insensitive are the ones who are so against it and are using zoning ordinances around the country to deny mosques from being built and using it for political gain. Don't be fooled by all the political pandering. Politicians are using this issue to further their career. They are manipulating a person's fears and lack of understanding. If you are waving your American flag, remember what that flag stands for....FREEDOM. You can't preach about how you want your individual rights but then deny that same freedom to other American citizens just because they have a different faith than you. That would um, make you no better than Al-Queda. People tend to forget that Muslims have been terrorized by Al-Queda for years. Isn't that one of the reasons we went to war with Iraq, to liberate the Muslims from tyranny? Think about the hypocrisy in that.

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