Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarah Palin is the Paris Hilton of Politics

The more the media creates these surveys regarding whether Palin with run for President the more the conservative base will flock to her. On one hand, that isn't a bad thing, on the other hand it just cements the notion the conservative base has that the Democratic side are elitists and don't care about the regular people. The idea that Palin is 'regular people' at this point is laughable. She's a millionaire now and has even more self interest in keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy but for some reason that fact is forgotten by all these people that seem to think she's just like every other hard working family.

The point is, I don't think she has any desire to run for President. I think she is riding the coat tails of her vice-presidential nomination and is trying to rake in as much money and esteem as possible. The Democratic side can't stand her and think she's a joke which is cemented in with every Facebook and Twitter post. The Republican side rushes to her defense every time an article is put out there showcasing her perceived ineptitude. As much as I find her irritating, I have to give her props for making a ton of money. She's the Paris Hilton of politics. Paris Hilton entered the 'lamestream entertainment media' just by associating herself with celebrities and showing up to parties and events posing. She became a brand and made a lot of money on her 'followers'. Palin is no different. She rose to be a star by her association to John McCain. She'll never be taken seriously by everybody, just like Paris Hilton never will. It's impossible for her go much further than what she has already. Her followers will hang on her every word just as Paris Hilton's followers will flock to her. Re branding is a very tough thing to accomplish. Think back when Coke tried to change to Coke Classic. People hated it and demanded they have their Coke back to the way it was. It was a total failure on Coke's part. Even if Palin attempted to become an actual serious contender, she would always be associated with the Palin that she is now. The Palin that she is now is not going to win much Democratic votes or Independent votes. She may not even win all that many Republican votes either. So media, please stop doing these polls, its a waste of time. Why don't they poll how many Americans actually give a crap about anything to do with the 2012 election versus, I don't know, let's say jobs!

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