Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why doesn't he just say 'People, get a freaking clue!'

Honestly, I didn't want Obama for president from the start. I was against him and was rooting for Hillary. Say what you may about Hillary, but I find her someone who would kick ass if need be. Obama is proving my theory that he is all blow and no go. When Hillary bowed out I even looked into McCain.....that is until I heard Sarah Palin speak and I then hightailed it back to the Democrat side and gave Obama a chance. Obama has completed a lot. There is no denying that, especially considering the obstructionists in the Congress. I realize to the obstructionists it doesn't seem like enough but considering the economy and having to rely on a bunch of old, crybabies, I'd say not too bad so far. Yet, the lies and misconceptions continue and get even more ludicrous. Why? And why hasn't he said anything to fight back? Does he not have access to Facebook and Twitter because it seems all the 'elite and common sense' politicians do, eh hmm Palin. She's annoying with her little Twitter posts, but at least she defends herself.

Jonathon Alter's article in Newsweek, The Illustrated Man discusses the lies out there and the growing hysteria amongst manipulated, foolish American citizens. What I find disturbing is Obama was so slick during his campaign with his impressive oratory skills. I actually disliked him at first for it. Too slick for me, however his speeches had a way affecting people with a passion and belief in something. So why is it he is ignoring all the lies out there? My resolution to this problem would be to tackle it head on. There isn't crap on TV, schedule a fireside chat like Roosevelt to ease people's fears. Flat out tell people to get a clue and focus a little bit. The economic fall wasn't caused by him and it takes time to recover. Give a little history lesson of the Depression years and how slow that recovery was or how about the 70's and 80's recessions. Don't allow obstructionist, opportunist to stir the pot of lies. All this, 'is he or isn't he' a Muslim business, same thing. Go out there and say, 'This is America dammit! Even if I were a Muslim who the hell cares? There is no religious requirement for being a President! Religion and politics have no place together despite what Beck & Palin preach to you!'

He needs to get out there and tackle these lies and be aggressive and condescending about it. What difference does it make if he offends? If he doesn't tackle it, he'll lose re-election anyway. If he does attack the lies, at least he'll have the respect and votes of those that supported him initially. But to ignore them, is showing cowardice and if he can't protect himself , defend his policies and family, why would voters expect him to defend and protect them?

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